On my website, I host not only photographers but also artists. Below you will find Valeria Sanguini’s résume as well as a sample of her thrilling work.

Valeria Sanguini

Born in Addis Abeba (Ethiopia) in 1973 Valeria Sanguini grows in Chile, Spain Italy and France. She graduates in Painting in 2001 at Academy of Fine Arts in Rome after obtaining a D.E.U.G. diploma in Sociology at the Sorbonne in Paris. Works as an assistant for Sol Lewitt and Ben Vautier for their exhibitions in Rome and  for Ludwig Ehrler in Halle Saale in Germany during her scholarship at Burg Giebischenstein Art Academy, Halle Saale, in Germany.

Selected for the Advanced Course at the Ratti Foundation in Como with Marina Abramovic will  participate in numerous group and solo exhibitions, including Prototipi 0.1 at Olivetti Foundation in Rome and traces of Seminary at Galleria Farini in Milan. Is nominated for the price Città di Savigliano “Gianni Delzanno” Menotrenta  and exihibits at A. Olmo Civic Museum in Savigliano and becomes a mention for the art Mediterrenian Biennale for young artists in Sarajevo and exhibits at Enzimi in Rome.

Invited for a residency at the Kuenstlerhaus Schloss Wiepersdorf and in 2007 she moved to Berlin where she exhibited at the Factory-Berlin and at the SudOst Kultur Institut Berlin and participated in numerous group exhibitions and in organising art events with Flex Project space and Kamo Atelier.

Valeria will develop over the years an artistic discourse that always starts and returns to painting, developing through actions, installations and sculptures.

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