Extraordinary photography from Stuttgart, Germany. And more…

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Tolga Hurhun

Yes, life can often seem to be very complicated and it is easy to get caught up in all the difficult things we have to manage on a daily basis. But life, just as it is, is so beautiful and it is so easy to forget that.

Art is one of the finest things to make us remember how beautiful life is. It takes sorrow away from us, makes us think and see things from different angles, and most importantly, it helps us understand the world around us.
Tolga’s work fits this statement completely.

Although being a fan of his work, I cannot categorize it clearly. Is it erotic, is it sensual photography or is it just about tenderness, feelings, fragility, and love? At this point, his writings come on to the scene and solve the question: yes, it is all about love along with its many appearances…

Below you will find a tasteful sample of his photos. What can I say more? Enjoy!

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