A Photographer and Model from Milan, Italy

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Exploring your city and looking for interesting people, architecture, objects worth photographing, could be so much fun. You should just go for a walk and try to see what is around you and dare to take pictures. But if you live in a country like Germany, where people are extremely sensitive about their private sphere and ready to defend it against outsiders, you should be aware of your legal field of maneuver as a photographer. I will write about this topic in a future post here.

Anyway. Going for a virtual “walk” on Instagram, on the other hand, is less risky: one can explore public profiles, get inspired by other photographers’ works, and indeed, make friends. Daphne is one of the persons I met during my regular and extensive explorations on Instagram and got immediately impressed by the appeal of their galleries. She is an amateur photographer and model. Here is how she sees photography:

“Art is for me a way to escape from reality. There are many emotions that our mind is unable to process: I am able to understand them only by transforming feelings into photographs. I have always been in love with art since I was a child, I loved to observe carefully what surrounded me. When I grew up I tried to transform what I saw into paintings, drawings and some years later, photographs. I love to represent the female human body, I think it is what comes closest to the idea I have of perfection. Playing with light, observing what surrounds us, imagining taking a photograph blocking reality in an eternal moment. This is what makes me feel alive.”

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