Black & White & Naked

Nude photography is especially spectacular when it is created in black and white, for it is the form, the shape and - if we talk about a person being the object - the figure that matters and not so much the color, not even the light!

Today my guest is Ms. Renata Guzmán, from Ecuador. Below I quote her words which she so vividly describes herself with, leaving to need for further questions.

“For me, photography is the easiest link I have to express myself without difficulty. The photos I publish are moments, daily situations that I later transform into black and white, thus achieving an idea more in line with my mental state. I am one of the people who thinks that a good photo is not especially the one that has sharpness, a perfect framing or an excellent light, guided me more by the emotion that it causes. I am a lonely and reserved woman and I have a hard time showing my true self, so I opted to take my photographs, getting the result I want.”

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