Istanbul… Istanbul…

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I love to travel and always get excited to pack my bag and get ready for the next adventure. The prospect of a holiday or travel excites me and fuels my curiosity as much as the actual journey does. For me, as a street photographer, it is so great to dream of my new pictures that I would be taking at the places I want to visit and start thinking of the things I would be doing once I am there.

And Istanbul is one of the most special places on earth and a source of excitement for all its visitors. Although I originally come from Istanbul, every visit, short or long, means worlds to me and makes me the happiest person on the planet. When I am not there, I comfort myself with pictures of Istanbul and look for them wherever I can, at exhibitions I visit, catalogs I browse through at bookstores or libraries, or on the Internet – no need to say that I also flip through my collections to freshen up memories…

Today I would like to share with you Ms. Nihal Eken’s Istanbul pictures, which, I find, successfully reflect typical tragicomic everyday-life situations and experiences in Istanbul. She has got another gallery in color if you would like to visit: @nihaleken29


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